Rsupport Corporation Limited has announced that it has provided the Samsung Electronics Global with ‘Visual Support’ which is a dedicated solution for the customer support service program.

Samsung Electronics has been implementing the Samsung Visual Support in twelve different countries and further plans on expanding the service to other countries for providing fast as well as convenient support for the customers that are using its products. The Existing remote support has been limited to the devices that are connected to the Internet, for example mobile devices or the PCs. Owing gratitude to this technology, the agents of Visual support of Samsung Electronics can view the surroundings  of their customers on a browser through the camera of the mobile device of the customer without the customer having to install an application.

The global Visual Support of Samsung Electronics is powered by the remote support solution of Rsupport called 'RemoteCall'. Rsupport has been improving their overall quality of the Visual Support by customizing their solution for the Samsung Electronics.

Support agents would be able to assist better the customers of Samsung Electronics with their question. A support agent who had conducted the Visual Support by using the RemoteCall said that when he would explain how one could locate or open the drain filter of washing machine step-by-step, mostly, the customers were unable to follow what he was saying. However, the support had become quite easier while using the VisualSupport and the RemoteCall for helping the customers to visualize better what he was explaining to them. They were able to follow his instructions and then solve the problem.