An announcement was made today by Johnson Controls that its pioneering global retail solutions portfolio, Sensormatic Solutions has released the data of preliminary shopper visits for shopping centers, as well as, brick-and-mortar retail stores on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day. It was indicated by the findings that there was a decline of 3 percent due in shopper visits for the 2-day period when compared to that of last year. However, a shift was seen that was inclusive of a 2.3 percent rise in traffic on Thanksgiving Day and a decline of 6.2 percent in traffic on Black Friday compared with that of last year. In addition to this, there was a marginal shift of in-store traffic away from the commencement of the week and into Black Friday, as well as, Thanksgiving, shattering the idea that the traffic in-store is transmitting away from the holiday and beyond into November.

The Senior Director of Global Retail Consulting at ShopperTrak, Brian Field, passed a statement saying that there isn’t one way for shopping on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day anymore. As online shopping, as well as, omnichannel retail continue growing in popularity, consumers have shifted towards emerging fulfillment solutions such as buying online, picking up in-store that is also known as BOPIS, this year. Due to these shopping options, there is an increase in intentional shoppers in-store. Throughout the extremely busy times, these customers have higher intentions of purchasing and less on just browsing, making their ‘buying online, picking up in-store pickup’ when the stores are not as jam-packed.

Field further said that Black Friday is still the busiest shopping day of the year by a long shot. Going out for shopping in stores during the holidays remains to be a thrilling yearly event for consumers.