A meeting was held between the policy makers and influential leaders from the medical and health sector of Oman and the biggest conference and exhibitions’ organizer ‘OmanExpo’ for the Oman Health Exhibition and Conference 2019. On 17th July, the meeting was held at the Crowne Plaza Muscat.

The reason behind the organization of the meeting was to prepare for the impending 9th edition of Oman Health Exhibition and Conference, which is the greatest healthcare event of the Sultanate, with the target to gather technical and strategic insights on the present main challenges, issues, and challenges in the medical and healthcare sector of Oman and helping shape novel solutions for meeting the requirements of the ever-evolving sector. These will serve as the basis for forming the agenda of the event’s conference, and stimulating meaningful and close interaction, dialogue and networking amongst the main representatives of the industry in a bid to help boost the development, as well as, growth of the sector and to help support the short and long-term initiatives of the government to bring advancements to the industry.

The important participants of the meeting were the experts of healthcare, directors, Heads of Ministry of Health’s medical devices department, National Quality Centre’s safety and patient managers, experts from the Royal Oman Police Medical Services and the Armed Forces Medical Service.

The director of the exhibition, Ahmed Sayed stated that they are contented to see the positive response to this event from the relevant industry’s representatives, as well as, with the constant support of the Ministry of Health. They are devoted to organizing industry meetings just like this to make sure that this event serves a real purpose for Oman and its rapidly-growing healthcare industry. Only via year-round interaction and such close collaboration with stakeholders could they ensure that they are on the right track.