Lightspeed Analytics has been introduced by A point-of-sale software based on cloud, Lightspeed, that is designed for providing retailers with insights, as well as, recommendations into their inventory, sales, customer behavior, as well as, employee performance.

The ePOS firm is working at present with more than fifty-seven thousand restaurateurs and independent retailers across the globe.

Lightspeed Analytics is dedicated to taking the guesswork out of providing an insight into which products are being sold at a faster rate and which are just accumulating dust managing an inventory. The retailer is enabled due to this software, to target customers depending on their separate shopping history with relevant communications about promotions, latest products, as well as, other business updates.

In addition to this, ‘employee optimization’ is provided by the software that enabled owners to understand the needs of their staff in a better way, as well as, sharing feedback driven by data with the employees for helping boost the performance.

As per the Lightspeed, till today, a solution that used to address these areas used to be mostly reserved for larger organizations.

The Chief Executive Officer, as well as, founder of Lightspeed, Dax Dasvila stated that access to business insights, as well as, analytics, will empower individuals with the tools required for growing effectively, and for enabling our customers to have bigger dreams regarding the future their business. Lightspeed Analytics is highly easy to navigate and it has the tendency of making the value of data easy to comprehend which will be giving our customers the ability, as well as, time for making smarter business moves.

Almost four years back, the Omnichannel product of Lightspeed was launched that merged in eCommerce, in-store POS, as well as, mobile. In the previous month, an announcement was made by Lightspeed regarding its ePOS systems which are successful in integrating text messaging services Textem and Ikeono.