Allied health experts inclusive of the therapists, nutritionists, dental hygienists & graduate nurses who have received their degrees from recognized medical colleges and universities in the United Arab Emirates have now the option of applying for a license for practicing at the Dubai Healthcare City, according to Dubai Healthcare City Authority.

In accordance with the guidelines, fresh graduates, inclusive of the Alternative and Complementary Medicine professionals from institutions recognized by the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Education, will be accepted even if they don’t have any past clinical experience, which could be one or two years contingent to the area of specialization.

These new guidelines are released as part of a series of initiatives targeted for advancing the talent pool of healthcare experts in the DHCC free zone, stimulating Emiratization in the health sector, and building the capacity in those areas which are critical such as nursing.

The number of universities which provide healthcare education in the United Arab Emirates has exceeded 24. This latest exemption will boost the morale of graduates and encourage them to join the healthcare industry immediately, raising an all-in-one progression from academic to clinical practice. Moreover, clinics and hospitals in the DHCC free zone will be enabled to recruiting locally, as well as, training a homegrown pool of talent, while also providing the supreme standard of care.

The Chief Regulatory Officer of the Dubai Healthcare City Authority, Doctor Ramazan Al Blooshi, stated while passing comments on the announcement that in line with government strategy of the United Arab Emirates of providing support to the local talent to stimulate growth across sectors, their new guidelines will help in fostering the homegrown clinical talent by offering them opportunities for developing their skills at the DHCC's world-class healthcare facilities.