The DGCX said in a statement on Sunday that it did not provide comparative numbers at the end of November that total exchange contracts for traded goods stood at 21.85 million dollars valued at around 400 billion dollars (Dh1.47 trillion). 1.54 million contracts were traded in November by DGCX.

Gold has had a volatile year, filled with global economic uncertainty due to the US-China trade war and geopolitical risks from Brexit to Iran. Gold rose when the dollar came down on Friday. Spot gold on Friday rose by 0.5 percent and sold an ounce in New York at $1,463.90.

Global gold demand is expected to rise in the fourth year, as higher jewelry use offset a fall in central bank procurement.

Consultancy Metals Focus said in its Gold Focus 2019 report of April that the world will consume 4,370 tonnes, most of which since 2015, slightly above 4,364 tons in 2018. Gold prices are expected to hit an average of $1,310 an ounce in 2018 and the highest since 2013, up from $1,268 in 2018.

According to a separate report of the World Gold Council, the purchases of gold from central banks fell sharply in the third quarter of this year and only 14 international regulators added 1 ton or more to their stocks.

The trade body reported in a November report that in three months the central banks added 156.2 tons to their reserves at the end of September–a decline of 38% year-on-year.

The total demand in the third quarter of this year for precious metals amounted to 1.107,9 tons, a 3 percent annual increase, following a surge in inflows of exchange-rated money that contributed to the overweight of softer demand elsewhere in the market, the Board said. The fact that prices have increased by 13,5% since the beginning of the year contributed to the inflows in ETFs.

In the meantime, the exchange in Dubai will continue to grow next year's global portfolio.

Mr. Male said that as they focus on 2020, they will continue to build upon the achievements this year, extend their reach to the various markets and broaden their product portfolio to meet our participants ' hedging and investment needs globally.