The cloud-based EHR engineer had insisted that a past customer, ZenCharts, which plans to progress, had harmed a customer understanding, cloning its item to develop its own one of a kind course of action.

Kipu Health, the maker of a data the board arranges for social therapeutic administrations and oppression treatment specialists, was allowed nearly $20 million dollars by an administration jury in Florida after it managed one of the association's past customers, ZenCharts, cloned its item in order to transform into a contender.

The jury controlled the move made by ZenCharts mishandled the points of interest of the customer understanding and dealt with the respondents had endeavored to duplicate a thing from the start offered by Kipu by plotting to get to the association's electronic prosperity record arrange.

The news organization Reuters nitty-gritty the jury choice. Calls and messages from Healthcare IT News to Kipu referencing clarifications went unreturned.

ZenCharts CEO Richard Glaser responded to Healthcare I.T. News through email with a created enunciation, saying that while the association respects the choice of the jury, it doesn't agree with it and plans to ask for.

Kipu's cloud-based structure EHR System modernizes reliance treatment centers and enables them to pass on improved thought while treating those encountering drug and alcohol obsession.

The item electronic the entire scene of care in propensity treatment, including detoxification, private treatment, raised outpatient treatment, similarly as aftercare.

The development of slaughters therapeutic paper structures, helping clinicians treat patients by means of robotizing examinations, assurance, history, and physicals similarly as making treatment arrangements.

The indictment was headed at the completion of 2017 when Kipu Systems sued ZenCharts and oppression treatment affiliation Solutions Recovery, guaranteeing the defendants had made sense of Kipu's establishment and searching for damages of $30 million.