South Korean President reshuffles his cabinet in the middle of tensions with North Korea and Japan

Ko Min-jung, the presidential spokeswoman said that on Friday, the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in reshuffled his cabinet and has appointed a new ambassador to the U.S. while tensions escalate on the Korean Peninsula because of the trade spat with Japan.

The spokeswoman informed that Moon had replaced the some of the ministers including the minister of justice, agriculture, science and technology, and also the minister for women and family.

Ko said that the changes being made in the cabinet as well as that of the ambassador highlight the policy of the reforms of Moon Jae-ins’ government.

Diplomat Lee Soo-hyuck, former deputy foreign minister as well as intelligence chief, has been nominated to become their new ambassador to the U.S., replacing Cho Yoon-je.

Choi Ki-young, professor of electric engineering, from the Seoul National University was nominated to become the head of the science ministry at the time of Japan’s ban on the exports of chemicals that are used in electronics to the country of South Korea . Choi has been working for raising the competitiveness of the industry of South Korea and cutting their dependence on the foreign technology.

Cho Kuk, the former presidential secretary for civil affairs, will be the new justice minister. The former deputy minister of agriculture, Kim Hyeon-soo has been tapped for leading the Agricultural Ministry. Supporter of women’s rights Lee Jung-ok has been chosen to be the minister for women and family. Moon has also replaced 4 other officials at minister-level in the government. Ko said that the candidacies must be approved by the parliament.

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