Launch of Home Brewing machine by LG Electronics in South Korea

On Tuesday a new homebrew machine was launched by LG Electronics Inc. which makes fresh beer out of capsules with minimum inconvenience to appeal to an increasing number of craft beer lovers.

Brewing beer has been thought of as a hobby with a high barrier to entry since brewers should be keeping a close eye during the process, ranging from boiling, mixing, chilling & carbonating.

Then there is a need for the beer to be stored at a suitable temperature to ferment for many weeks depending on the type of malt.

It was first unveiled by LG HomeBrew at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and now is coming to the South Korean market for 4 million won which is equivalent to US$3,389, inclusive of a 3-year care solution for cleaning & regular filter changes.

There is also the availability of a rental service, and there is variance in the price depending on the payment options.

Around the size of a giant espresso machine, the expensive gadget makes beer out of capsules containing yeast, malt, hop oil & flavors.

Its algorithm keeps the control of temperature & pressure to maintain a stable quality of the beer, and after dispensing the machine cleans itself.

It takes around 2 to 3 weeks for the machine to make 5 liters of beer, and users can monitor the status of the beer with the help of a smartphone application.

LG Electronics partnered with British malt maker ‘Muntons’ to come up with five different tastes: India pale ale, pilsner, stout, pale ale, and wheat.

Every package of capsule costs 39,900 won, and a 2-liter beer container is of worth 69,900 won.

LG Electronics stated that the capsule-based beer maker is aimed at those who want to drink freshly brewed beer as per their tastes, keeping in mind the costs & time needed to make beer.

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