Singapore Falls Behind China and KSA In Using AI

Singapore is known to be  well-developed country in terms of the use of technology. However, recent reports suggest that the country might be lagging in terms of the use of a certain technology that is invading our world lately and will be the main technology on our planet. This is the use of Artificial Intelligence. There is no doubt that AI is more utilized in South East Asian countries. However, the use of this technology in the healthcare sector in Singapore seems to be decreasing lately.

Surveys have been conducted to study the use of AI in the health care industry especially in clinical diagnosis. The study was conducted in 15 different country and held by the Future Health Index by Dutch technology company Royal Philips. Results show that Singapore is in the third place in the use of AI in the field with 28% only. It comes third to China and Saudi Arabia which are the leading in such a system.

This was commented on by the chief executive of Philips Asean Pacific, Ms. Carlone Clarke who said, “Technology will never replace the human touch, but AI can take over mundane tasks and free up medical professionals. This can help to improve precision, efficiency and speed, leading to better outcomes for patients. Other factors such as having the physical space to build new facilities, the right skills among healthcare professionals to leverage technology-driven solutions, and attitudes towards technology adoption may also widen or close the gap between different markets.”

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