Galaxy S10 5G Is Increasing In Sales

Samsung has been meeting a lot of setbacks lately in terms of numbers and sales. These setbacks were due to the trade war and general other internal problems in the company which affected production, cost and sales. However, with this decrease in sales and all the problems, the company latest release was the Galaxy S10 which has showed great numbers in sales in South Korea.

Recent reports show that the sales for this product especially has been increasing to very high numbers, exceeding other products they released. The number of Galaxy S10 units that have been sold in South Korea alone has reached a value above 1 million. This is not concerning the first Galaxy S10  product released a while ago but actually the new unit released a month ago (on the 5th of April) which has the ability of 5G tech to work on it.

These values has made almost sales of more than 15,000 units per day ever since the release. Other competitors in the market had their 5G tech mobile phones released. However, the Samsung S10 was the bestselling phone compared to the V50 ThinQ by LG Electronics.

This was commented on by an expert in SK Telecom Co. which is one of the best mobile carrier companies in South Korea by saying, “Telecom operators have wooed customers with big subsidies, and the local 5G smartphone market will further grow down the road on the back of more lineups.”

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